With the Alan Quill cycle of albums complete (for now?) Amalgam Effect is looking to the future and writing a new trilogy of albums. This new trilogy, unlike its narrative-driven predecessor, will be constructed around the conceptual exploration of how we create music. What influences us? What are the roots of creative drive, and what patterns and nuances emerge when you distill these elements down to their core form and then use them deliberately as your basis for creation? Amalgam Effect seeks to explore these facets with a series of albums which deconstruct the creative process through postmodern approaches of pastiche and subversion. Tentatively, this trio of records is called The Amalgamation Trilogy:

Album #1 (2020): Focuses on an organic and open writing approach before applying a deliberately reductive filter to box the songs into their most obvious archetype; love song, car song, anthem, etc.

Album #2 (2021): Explores division, giving each member of Amalgam Effect complete authority over 20% of the album’s content – each member writing 1/5 of the material on our own, then bringing it together.

Album #3 (2022): A massive exploration of influence wherein Amalgam Effect pays homage to their heroes by imitating their style in a series of tracks within an interconnected fantasy narrative before capping the album with an expansive epic, “Chimera!”

Keep your eyes and ears open for more details!